FAQ Q246: Do you offer a white-label version of the planyo reservation system?

Yes, we do. We have another service on a separate domain name which works exactly like planyo. All of the functionality is like planyo's but the admins have more control over the backend (CSS is customizable etc.) With this solution, not only the frontend doesn't show any information about the booking engine used (which is the case with the base planyo platform, when advanced integration is used), but also the backend doesn't give this information. The backend is normally embedded into your own website as an auto-resizeable iframe and with automatic login integrated with your website's login.

The white-label domain name of course can be found (or you may prefer that your admins use it instead of the iframe solution) but the homepage of this site does not show any information about the system and will not allow creating new accounts. The Planyo name or our company name is also not mentioned anywhere (please note that one could always check the DNS records to find out the company which owns given domain name, so this is a not a 100% white-label solution).

This white-label solution has a higher pricing than planyo. Please contact us for details.