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Over the last 8 years I have implemented over 30 successful Planyo projects. These have included, website design and development and API integrations.

"Ian Gibbons was fantastic and I could not have set up Planyo without his help, top class and so understanding Highly recommeneded"

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Ian Gibbins (WebIntuitive)
Bracknell, Vereinigtes Königreich


We have an IT team capable of finding easy solutions to complex problems and a Marketing team to guide you through the process of defining full communication strategy for your business.

"Very profesional and trustful person. "

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English, Español, Català
BArcelona, Spanien

e-33 SARL

We chose Planyo for its flexibility and reliability to develop sites incorporating a quality booking service. In projects of small and medium scale, complex achievements would be impossible or would require considerable development and involve particularly high costs without using the Planyo booking system.

"It was absolutely perfect."

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English, Français
BORDEAUX, Frankreich

Moweso Inc.

We have been building WordPress/Planyo websites for 10 years and can look after: - Website design - Website development - Planyo setup and integration - Hosting & security - Ongoing maintenance We provide flexible pricing structures, including one-off project payments, monthly subscriptions or a combination of both. We're more than happy to chat, offer advice and assess whether your project is a good match for us, with no pressure to commit.

"We are very very happy with Warren His communication was really easy to understand and quick reply every time Highly recommend to work with..."

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Warren Groom
Toronto, Kanada

Philippe TAIEB Conseil

Après une formation de Technicien Supérieur en informatique, j'ai travaillé plus de 15 ans dans le domaine de la vente. Il y a 10 ans j'ai orienté mon activité sur le digital et notamment le conseil en web marketing pour optimiser la visibilité de mes clients sur le web. J'ai découvert Planyo et Wix (je suis Expert Wix) des outils très complets pour mettre en place cette visibilité et atteindre les objectifs des sites internet.

"Philippe a été très rapide et efficace, je redoutais son temps de réponse (il réside en Martinique), mais j\'ai reçu une réponse quasi immédiate..."

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Philippe TAIEB
Schoelcher, Martinique

Web Platypus

I personally have 20+ years in software development and management. I love the field and creating online sites that make clients glad they never went anywhere else!

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, Vereinigte Staaten

Anyware Web Design & Marketing

For us, Planyo takes care of the technical side of your bookings and allows us to focus on your marketing. You can start as large or as small as you like and have the confidence that Planyo will cater to all of your future booking requirements. Support from the Planyo team is superb, which means we can give you fantastic local support, backed up with the full knowledge of the developers. How do we use Planyo? We set up the system and help our clients to manage it, train them and hand over as they are ready. For payments we start with Paypal and then switch to eWay once the merchant account is ready. We use advanced integration to display customised calendars on the web site and add more services and features like reporting and extra admin accounts as the business evolves.

"We have not completed everything just yet. It has taken a while as Phil needed to liaise with the tech people direct at planyo with regard to..."

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Phil Donaldson
Porirua, Neuseeland

Michel Schade

Ich habe unter Anderem Erfahrungen mit Zapier, SOAP und REST APIs, Google Apps Scripts, Google APIs, Planyo API, Mindbodyonline API, Docusign, Webflow und Joomla.

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Michel Schade
English, Deutsch
Hamburg, Deutschland


We have experience of implementation of IT / Web projects of any complexity. Meregivo is a good example of the deep integration of Planyo system to the Java / Scala/ MongoDB back-end that implements Big Data sophisticated logic to facilitate amateur sports ecosystem. Feel free to get in touch.

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Sergiy Yakymchuk
English, Русский, Slovenski, Čeština
Praha, Tschechische Republik

L&A Projets

Specialists team : Web design, integration, Planyo Configuration.

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Agnès de Charette
English, Français
, Frankreich


Les Terres de Cécile Site de réservation de vilas en ligne complètement intégré avec Planyo (CMS Wordpress) Site designé par Ham & Juice

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Louis Béziau
English, Français
Lyon, Frankreich

Channel of Affairs

Dedicated and self-motivated individual offering a solid educational background in Business Administration and Communication, with extensive hands-on experience in web developing, broadcasting, administration, and e-commerce business strategies.

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Arthur Elie
English, Français
Miami, Vereinigte Staaten


Nous sommes intégrateurs de la solution Planyo que nous avons déjà déployé sur de multiples sites internet nécessitant des réservation en ligne: location de vélos, location de bateaux...

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Pierre-Yves Touche
English, Français
Hyères, Frankreich


We have extensive experience in most online web CMS platforms such as Wordpress and Joomla. As well as languages such as HTML, Javascript/JQuery, CSS as well as the full LAMP (Linux,Apache,sql/MariadDB and PHP) Stack. We are well-versed in administration, support, integration and configuration of wordpress and wordpress e-commerce systems.

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Brett Strydom
Cape Town, Südafrika

Nick Boldison Ltd

Over 10 years experience in web development. I worked in an agency for 5 years and the last 5 years have been working freelance mainly on WordPress projects but also with custom PHP sites too.

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Nick Boldison
York, Vereinigtes Königreich

Lagrimas de Oro

I'm fluent in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the whole LAMP stack. I develop most of my sites in WordPress. I'm adept at taking design comps (in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign) and translating them into pixel-perfect websites, responsive if requested.

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Jonathan Butterick
city, Vereinigte Staaten

Grupo Natural

Más de 5 años de experiencia usando Planyo, configurando, integrando y diseñando.

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oscar fuentes
Santiago, Chile


Vi konfigurerer og tilpasser Planyo bookingsystem og integrerer det i ditt nettsted til et veldesignet, brukervennlig og sellende nettsted som tiltrekker seg kunder. Vi etablerte oss i 2008, og siden da har vi utviklet nettsider, nettbutikker og jobbet med intgrasjon og tilpassing av Planyo bookingssystem.

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Siv Kristine Elvevoll
NAPP, Norwegen

John Carter

Experience configuring Planyo for retreat centres.

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John Carter
Cali, Kolumbien

Designtoo Ltd

We have integrated Planyo into a number of client sites - from simple one resource for one customer set ups to complex sites that enable multiple resource bookings with sliding pricing structures. Working with both seasonal and full-time businesses, we have built up a broad understanding of Planyo and how it works for our clients.

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helen keen
Buscot, Vereinigtes Königreich
CERTIFIED EXPERT: >20 successful projects, verified by the Planyo team