FAQ Q203: How do I setup my WorldPay Business account to accept payments for the reservations?

For general information about accepting payments in Planyo see Q121: I'd like to accept credit card payments for the reservations.

First of all, to accept payments through your WorldPay Business account, you need to select the value WorldPay Business or WorldPay Business (TestMode) in the Payment processing site option on the site settings page. You also need to type your WorldPay Installation ID in the next field.

Additionally, on the Installation Administration page at your WorldPay account, you need to enable Payment Response and Shopper Response. On the page, find the Payment Response enabled? option and turn it on. Next, go to the Payment Response URL field and type https://www.planyo.com/payment-worldpay-ipn.php or <wpdisplay item=MC_callback>. This way, after a successful payment made by the customer, Planyo will be notified about it through the callback URL and information about the reservation payment will be updated in our database. Additionally, you should also turn on the option Enable the Shopper Response. This way, after a successful payment the customer will be shown the Planyo page confirming this information.